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99.99% Friends Only

SORRY GUYS..it's friends only. Yup, I seriously want to talk some craps that I just want my friends to read and hear, though sometimes I make public entry (once in a bluemoon though) I'm nice but not too sweet. I usually ramble about my stupid boring life, Jdrama, Kdrama, JPop, Kpop, movies or any other random stuffs that interest meXD  I don't know if anyone is that interested to actually friend me but if you want to you can. Just drop me a comment or a message :)  

Michael Jackson got new look...

 When you want to reborn Michael Jackson you should do it in either Sweden or Korea. You know that I sometimes like things that are 'gay'


Akasaka..*sigh* I'm shocked!

I'm just trully shocked!! AKASAKA WHY?!!!! 信じられない! 

I've not posted in ages and I'm posting now just to express how deeply shock I am?

I lost words and speechless. *sigh*


I think I need to go to  the nearest optrician and get my eyes checked 'cause I believe my farsighted eyes are worsen and it's giving me a headache. One more loan documentation would definitely deteriorate my eyes..hahahaha..*shrugs, well they pay me for that*. 

EDIT: GOSH, I'm still at the office and it's near 19 pm and my colleague is turning on some MUSHY LOVE SONGS in his media player..and STOP talking so freaking loud over the phone, you've echoed the whole OFFICE.

EDIT again?: Yes..i want to make this public because I'm in the attention seeker whore mood..hahaha